A Day In the Life of a Successful Delegator

What would it be like to come in every morning and see all the progress made in your business WITHOUT your direct involvement?

What does your life look like when more of your day-to-day business processes are owned by team members?

Let’s take a walk through what this could look like for you in a few month’s time.

You come into the office and check in on the status of the business’s most important projects. A majority of the work is on track. There’s a project where a few hiccups have arisen. You can see a team member is on them, has identified solutions and is working through them.

You enjoy your first cup of coffee, leisurely sipping it as you work through today’s dashboards to see where the business is at.

Your team is stepping up to handle more of the day-to-day tasks. Since then, work is not only more enjoyable, but there are clear priorities as well as a clear path to cash and growth.

As a result, your quarterly profits are up 15% over the previous quarter. You also have a few deals in the pipeline that look promising. No more feeling like you’re squeezing everything into the day. You’re even enjoying lunch out a couple times a week – meeting up with people in your network and friends.

Most obvious is the shift in time – or more like the experience of it. Daily there’s more of it to be leveraged. And the time you have is strategically focused (think Perry Marshall’s USP table).

You see yourself building strategic relationships where you can be introduced to more of your target market. You see yourself on the phone more with ideal clients and are even talking about deals that might happen later in the year – that never used to happen.

In general, everything feels more spacious. No frenzied emails plucked out on the cell phone at night when you’d rather be relaxing on the couch with your family. No “oh crap I forgot to handle that one thing” moments. No stepping out family time and into your home office to send that one thing that you forgot to during the day.

You think this… this is what success tastes like. It’s growing your business and not feeling behind all the time. Not watching the clock during the day wondering how it is that the hours slip by. It’s being able to get lost in the joyful sounds of being with your family without having to run out to handle things during non-work hours.

This is the result of delegating.

If you want to grow, your time has to be freed up to spend on tasks that grow the business (and by that, I mean the bottom line). Taking balls out of the air gets you more capacity than the time spent on doing those tasks.

When you’re juggling a lot of balls at once, there are the intricacies of each of those balls that you have to keep track of – not only the ball itself. Say you started with 7 balls in the air – sales, marketing, admin, finance, client delivery, networking, and tech. Once you’ve handed off most of the tasks, you’re down to sales, client delivery, and networking. Now you have time that you used to spend on the other 4 areas back on your plate. You’ve also gained back the mental effort that tracked the details for each of these areas.

Don’t worry about handing off everything right this moment.  You reach this level of success when you make a consistent and deliberate effort. It means having a game plan to hand off parts of your business and having a system that supports it.


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